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Resources Steve Chase Uses for Prayer Ministries

All of these are available at AdventSource. Just type in the title on the website or type in “Steve Case” in the search box on the AdventSource website.

Connection: How to Have a Relationships with God by Steve Chase.

A Paraphrase of the Christian classic Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White, each of the 13 chapters are broken into 7-10 daily devotions for that chapter. The devotionals end with a reflective thought on that material and then a prayer prompt to lead the reader into prayer. This can be used for individual devotions or for small groups. It is available in book format and CD audio format.

Let’s Talk About Jesus by Steve Chase.

A collection of 52 relational Bible studies that include prompts to start discussions. Toward the end of the book are 10 types of prayer experiences that can provide structure for people having difficulty thinking of what to say in their prayers.

“I’d Like to Get to Know You” cards by Steve Chase.

Originally designed to facilitate discussion between two people by providing equal time for both to answer the same question, this dialogue process moves from superficial questions to more personal questions to deep questions. After going through these or just some of these) with a partner, go through these cards again, but instead of answering for yourself, answer the way you think God would answer the question. They can move from participants from their limited perspective to God’s perspective. It can open the way for people to listen to God rather than only talk to God.

“Out of the Hat” by Steve Chase.

This playful game includes a hat with three types of questions or open-ended statements. Start with the round shapes by randomly drawing one out of the hat and respond to that question/open-ended statement. When you’re ready to go deeper, switch to the square shapes and draw out of the hat without looking first. If you want to go even deeper, switch to the octagon shapes with deep and spiritual questions. These naturally lead to prayer as you contemplate what God might be communicating to you. This can be done individually, in two-somes, or with groups.

What About . . . ?: Questions about God and Life by Steve Chase.

Sometimes people ask questions and we’re stumped because we’ve never asked that question for ourselves of maybe the answer we received didn’t satisfy us.  Maybe we don’t remember the answer or don’t know where to look in Scripture.  So we say, “I’ll pray about this for you, okay”?  By all means do that!  But there are times when it’s helpful to get some input to give an answer or to start a prayerful dialogue or search.  The book contains a large collection of questions young people asked “Pastor Steve” in the recently discontinued youth magazine Insight.  The book contains a collection of more than two years’ worth of questions (and answers) young people have about God and life.  Make this part of your payer response.